April 1, 2020

Greetings, Family of First United Methodist Church!

Here are five things you need to know and think about today to help you remember God’s goodness.

This Sunday, Palm Sunday, Pastors Tina and Laird will post a Sunday morning service (sort of) that will be available Sunday morning on Facebook, and here on the church website. We will have communion - you can ready yourselves and your family by having some sort of bread and drink. The elements will be consecrated via audio or video. You can also get a palm leaf, tree branch, or even a home-made palm from construction paper.

Please send your offering by mail. The church has received less than half of its regular offering in the last two weeks. On the other hand,  Church bills have not stopped, and our employees are counting on us.  Kay is checking the mail every day. Please mail your check or bring it by. We now have a locked mailbox at the church entrance.

Since we can’t get together in person right now during these strange times, the pastors, Stella, Kay, Mike Puckett and Steven Heimark continue to experiment with other ways to communicate with you. Watch for Pastor Tina’s “Daily Dose” on Facebook, the “Weekly Update” email, “Matters of Interest”, CD recordings and communications in the mail.

The FUMC Community Cupboard has gone viral! About a year ago, Stella Martinez had the idea of putting a box on church property at the corner of 3rd and Kentucky where people could leave donated food for those in need. Her husband Jamie built it. It works on the honor system; people can donate and take food without having to interact with anyone. It has worked well for a year, without attracting a lot of attention, but with the events of the last few weeks, the Community Cupboard has been discovered by the community. It has been reported on by the RDR and most prominently is on Facebook on a page called “Roswell, NM Resources during COVID-19”. During this crisis, the Community Cupboard is being well supplied by the community and is well used by those who need it.

Easter services will be different this year. We don’t expect to be able to worship in the Sanctuary on Easter this year, but we will celebrate the Resurrection anyway, one way or another. We are exploring the possibility of having a live “drive-in movie-style” service in the church parking lot on Easter morning. Everyone would have to stay in their cars, but we have ordered equipment (not expensive) that would broadcast sound to your car radio, and we could all be together on this special day. Would you be interested?

If you need to talk to the Pastors or anyone else at church. Please call the office at 622-1881 and leave a message. or call Laird at 575-420-5301 or Tina at 575-420-3701. Stay healthy!

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